The microbiome, a microscopic ecosystem that lines the surface of our body (like our gut, vagina, urinary tract, skin and scalp), is made up of natural oils, peptides and organisms. Our body works very hard to establish a well-balanced, healthy microbiome. We believe that the products we use should enhance, not harm, our body's wellness. By respecting the microbiome of our skin and hair, we feel better and look healthier.

We use an extra-gentle cleanser that cleans without stripping the skin and hair of the natural oils and peptides that our bodies have worked so hard to create.

Sisters Body conditioner contains an essential amino acid called isoleucine, thought to improve the balance of healthy organisms on the scalp and hair.


Our Ingredients

We formulated this line without any harmful sulfates, parabens, PEGs, chemical preservatives or chemical fragrances. All of our ingredients are biodegradable and never tested on animals. We use the highest-quality essential oils to fragrance our products. And they are safe for the whole family to use.